Introduction (Coorg)

Mudduraja, the Kodagu King had Mudduraja Keri as his capital. In the year 1681 he renamed it as Madikeri. It is the headquarters of Kodagu District at a height of 1170 meters. It is about 100 km from Mysore.Makikeri is famous for its coffee and oranges. It is famous as birthplace of the most famous river of Karnataka Cauvery. This place is famous for its scenic beauty. The fabulous paddy fields, coffee bushes and the morning mist form a sketch of some unforgettable memories for the tourists. Coorg is famous for oranges and coffee plantation. This region also is famous for spices. pepper, cardamoms etc can be seen. The coffee plantations in Madikeri alone accounts for almost half of Karnataka's coffee production. Karnataka is known to be India's largest producer of coffee even today.


It is a place with disputed history. Some of the localities believe that this place was ruled by Lingayat rajas who ruled over Coorg. They established Madikeri as their capital. The famous gallient ruler Tipu Sultan in 1785 A.D, annexed Coorg into his kingdom. But, Maharaja Veerarajendra with the help of the British rulers was successful in getting Coorg free. He developed this place into a beautiful hillstation with beautiful coffee and oranges plantation.But, the joy of freedom of this place was short lived and in 1834 AD, the British took over power in Coorg. They imprisoned the last ruler Chikkaveera Rajendra.