Vidhana Soudha

This imposing edifice built almost entirely of dressed Bangalore granite is a tribute to temple architecture. Housing the Legislative Chambersof the state government, this 46 meter high seat of the government is Bangalore's best known landmark. This is one of Bangalore's most important buildings. Mr. Kengal Hanumanthaiah the then chief minister of Mysore decided to construct the Vidhana Soudha entirely along Indian style of architecture. There are four domes on all the four corners. The main entrance is overshadowed by the four headed lion,the symbol of Indian sovereignty. It houses 22 departments and 300 rooms

Cubbon Park- In 1864, Lord Cubbon, the then viceroy of India, laid out 300 acres of verdant tranquillity. Today, it remains an oasis of greenery in the heart of modern Bangalore. This beautiful park is the haunt of the seeker of pleasure and tranquillity and is highly popular with walkers, joggers and nature lovers. Complementing the natural beauty of the park are the red Gothic structures of the State Central Library and the High Court. Situated close to the High Court is the State Central Library, worth a visit for its rare treasure of books and building has the "Pompeian red" colour and architectural style of stone and fluted pillars, with walls finished in lime plaster. Apart from its rich flora, Cubbon Park houses a number of institutions of significance like the Cheshire Dyer Memorial Hall, Ottawa Chatter, Museum, Century Club and the Press Club. Phone : 564125

Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum

This museum is a tribute to the brilliance of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, one of the architects of modern Karnataka, Browse through this building to get an idea of working models of different machines. One of the specialties of the museum is the mobile science exhibition which tours the state the whole year round. It displays an airplane and steam engine in its compound. There is a comprehensive range of exhibits on electronics, motor power and the uses and properties of wood and metal. Visitors who have a deep interest in popular science can work on some of the exhibits here. Seminars, demonstrations and film shows on scientific subjects are organized periodically. The highlight of the museum are the five galleries : Engine hall, Electronic Technology Gallery, Kimbe Paper Metals Gallery, Popular Science Gallery and Children’s' Science Gallery. It is located on Kasturba Road Bangalore 560001. Phone : 564014.